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Coming soon: The Almighty: As you can see, I am using the latest in 3-D techniques (spinning head of Jesus pictured right)

Latest: 6 Minute Epic (a.k.a. Un'i'bomber): Nixon and friends plan to rob a diamond store to get a diamond for their time machine.

Bye, bye, >en...
Oh well. Although we only featured one episode on for a few months, we got over a half million hits, and were one of the most popular shows. Then den ran out of money...

As you can see, Peter Punk is wearing a shirt that expresses how he feels about that. That's right, the shirt says, "BAD." Peter feels bad. Can you help him? Maybe you can... All you need is $50 Million, and some glue.

Back to the old school...

Steve interviewed for Print Magazine (upcoming issue - July/August 2000)
Can't wait to see it...

Steve interviewed for The Net magazine (again) for April 2000.
The funny thing is - I still haven't seen it (as of May 26, 2000). If anybody out there can get me a copy, I would way appreciate it!

Salon called about an interview on Humor - but...
We wanted to wait until we signed on with den, and now the writer doesn't work there any more. And den doesn't exist anymore.
They wanted to know what is funny.
I think the fact that we messed that one up is funny.

Ron Reagan Jr. picks FaTKiD
Check out this video (RealPlayer G2 format) we got from Ron Reagan Jr. is the host, and he picked FaTKiD as his favorite site! After years of sitting in front of it, FaTKiD gets on TV!

The Net magazine features FaTKiD
For their October '99 issue, England's premier internet magazine "The Net" is featuring THe FaTKiD NeTWoRK in their 'Heroes and Zeros' section (as a hero, of course). Check out the article for yourself.

Guess what we got picked? Cool Site of the Day, October 98!

Details Below

FaTKiD on WHFS (real audio)
The FaTKiD tour schedule is:

Madison Square Garden, New York. LIE.


THe FaTKiD NeTWoRK Gains National Attention

Yeah that's right. The fatkid is a star, a BIG FAT STAR! And he's gonna be on your TV set, so I hope you have a 60 incher, cause he's not gonna fit in no tiny 25 incher. Fatkid hasn't even had a 25 inch waist since he was 3 years old. Come to think of it, that's about the size of his neck.

And don't be eatin in front of the tv, fool, or he just might bust his head through and take a bite of which ever arm is holding the snackage.

Yeah, so, what I mean to say is, Ron Reagan has a TV show and he is featuring us because we rock. We also roll, like a bowl full of jelly. HO HO HO.

Here's the press release:

A buzz has never been so sweet.

That's just the feeling that FaTKiD, the band behind Cool Site of the Year finalist turned TV.COM featured website, has about their newfound success and attention. "I think it's the first time a band had label people talking to them just from their website," said singer/guitarist/web developer Clifford Hall. "We're pretty excited about it." After winning the prized "Cool Site of the Day" in October and then being nominated as a Cool Site of the Year finalist, the band had thought that was as far as one web page ( could take them. They were wrong.

The band and their website will be featured on the March 12th episode of the nationally syndicated TV.COM. The show, co-hosted by Ron Reagan, Jr., is in 80% of America's markets and has a viewership of 800,000 people. The band was impressed by these numbers. "I don't think I've even seen that many people in my life," said Hall about the pop/punk band's success. But this is not the first time the act has received such prominent attention. "Last summer Lou Brutus at WHFS [a radio station in Baltimore and Washington, D.C.]was playing us pretty regularly," said singer/guitarist/web developer Greg Stryker about the band's air play on the nation's 7th ranked station with a listenership of 250,000. "But we never saw this coming." The air play from the station has resulted in being the finalist in WHFS and Guitar Center band searches, attention from the west coast station KNRK and major label interest.

"This is only the beginning," said chief web designer Steven Paolucci.

"There's been talk of turning this site into a TV show," said Stryker. "Kind of like Jose and the Pussycats but with real live band."

The site's main attraction is its animations which the developers update regularly.

"We're up to episode four and we just added an interactive game," said Paolucci. The group used Macromedia's Flash 3 as the main vehicle for the animations. To capitalize on the success, the Weezer meets South Park sounding band has been selling CDs, MP3 files, web development services and other items through the site. The success has been so great that Paolucci, once a electrical engineer, has had numerous job offers based on the popularity of the site.. As for the future the band is also looking outside of cyberspace for exposure. "We have such a live,fun sound and...the net can be such a cold, vacuous place," said Hall, about band's online success."So we really love playing the live shows to actual human beings."

Check out this video (RealPlayer G2 format) we got from Ron Reagan Jr. is the host, and he picked FaTKiD as his favorite site!

Guess what we got picked?

We are pleased.

We have spent hour upon hour at this thing. Our relatives thought we were mad. Our parents issued missing persons reports with the police. Our husbands and wives left us for some aerobics instructor just outside of Boca Raton.

We lost our jobs.

We stopped paying our bills and were evicted from our apartment overlooking the Charles River, because we, and I quote our x-landlord, "suck."

We were excommunicated from the church, because we, and I quote the Pope, "suck."

"Well, we don't care," we replied, "we were never Catholics anyway." At that point he said that we could go to H**L.

Our long lost brother, upon finding us, changed his mind, and we have not been able to contact him since. Sally Jessy Raphael wouldn't let us on her show. She said nobody likes us and that we were too "dumm and porky" to be on the show. Then she started laughing at us and pointed and called us fat. Even Weightwatchers turned us down.

"Well we don't care," we replied, "we were never really fat anyway." They told us to go to Hell.

When we visit our psychiatrist, she is always smirking. Why does she do that? Often while we are telling her about stuff, like how we felt rejected by the Pope, she coughs, and her coughs are weird. It's like she's coughing, "you suck."

What the hell were we talking about?

Oh yeah. We have been recognized as something special. Something not unlike twinkies dipped in hersheys syrup - sweet. It's kind of like we have been given an award that is, infact, the polar opposite of a flaming karate chop to the groin, something that, instead, makes us feel very good about what it took to get us here. We're the Cool Site of the Day.

Nobody has ever called us "cool" before, except our mom. But she took that back anyway, after she caught us naked in the kitchen eating a ham sandwich. If she could only see us now. Actually she just called me down for dinner - Gotta go! Here are some quotes from the letter we got informing us that we got the award...

From the Cool Site of the Day people:
"Awesome! You're Cool Site of the Day for Tuesday.
We don't like to brag but.....long before there were cool sites of the hour, minute, second, and cool sites of the millennium, we were out there surfing the web looking for the best web sites that demonstrated notable strides in innovation, content, programming, hijinks, shinanigans, and outlandish graphics. Visit the site ( and find out why we're so often copied but never ever imitated. And be sure to check out some of our new features such as Cool Zones -- the 10 most essential links in 15 different categories.

"Cool Site of the Year is the "arbiter of taste on the Internet."
-- The New York Times

"Cool Site of the Year is "the Oscars for the taped-glasses set."
-- The Netly News

The "'people's choice awards' to identify the coolest sites on the Internet and to disprove the notion that computer geeks can't dance ..."

One of the best award sites on the web. It also happens to be the original "Cool Site of the Day."

More praise from _Yahoo Internet Life_:


Pretty cool, huh?

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